Condit Elementary School


Thank you for supporting our fundraisers in 2017-2018. Your generous support funded art, music, technology and supplies for our students!

PFA Officers 2018-2019

PFA Officers


                                                    President                   Valarie Jimenez

                                                    Vice President           Nubia Villalobos

                                                    Treasurer                   Octavio Jimenez

                                                    Secretary                   Monica Steckling

                                                    Parliamentarian         Amanda Thompson




                            Book Fair – Chair                                            Vivian Mueller

                            Book Fair Assistant                                         Paula Richardson

                            Box Tops for Education                                  Annie Hsu

                            Communication Liaison                                  Valarie Jimenez

                            Condit Caller/Membership                              Amanda Thompson

                            Condit Fun Run                                               Valarie Jimenez &                                                                                                                  Monica Steckling

                            Daughter/Son Dances                                    Nicole Morales

                            Fall Festival                                                     Alison Fleming, Elizabeth                                                                                                      Spinrad & Sarah Rockne

                            Family Fun Nights                                           Kate Annigian, Nubia                                                                                                         Villalobos & Josie Faustlin

                            Hospitality – Chair Faculty                              Patty Moreno

                            Hospitality Assistant                                        Valarie Jimenez                                 

                            Nominating Chairperson                                 Dawn Riihimaki

                            Open House – Chair                                       OPEN

                            Open House Assistant                                    OPEN

                            Picture Day                                                     Nicole Morales

                            Red Ribbon Week                                          Jennifer Katisaficas

                            Room Parent Coordinator                              Angie Aguilar

                            Spirit Apparel                                                  Pamela Gaytan                                  

                            SCRIP                                                             Annette Ness

                            Spring Fundraiser                                           Valarie Jimenez &                                                                                                                       Nubia Villalobos

                            Special Projects/Recycling                             Josie Gallo Faustlin

                            Webstore Updates                                          Monica Steckling

                            Wish List Chair                                                OPEN

                            Yearbook                                                        Annette Guthrie



PFA Meetings

Our first PFA Meeting of the year is on Monday, September 10th @ 6:30 PM in Condit's MPR.  Please join us!