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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PFA?

The PFA at Condit School is an organization that helps support and enhances the general educational program of the school. Meetings are held at the school on Monday evenings (typically the 3rd Monday of the month), and all parents are invited to attend. Parents, faculty, and staff join together as volunteers to provide the following:

  • Communication between the school and the parents through the Condit Calendar, the weekly newsletter (available online), the weekly communication envelopes and the Condit Caller (included with each family PFA membership)
  • Volunteer assistants in the classrooms, library, and computer lab
  • Fundraising activities to assist with the educational needs of the school
  • School-wide social and recreational activities
  • Publicity for school activities
  • Fine Arts programs and assemblies
  • Participation in Claremont PFA Association


    Our PFA President is, Mrs. Monica Steckling. This is her second year as President. If you have questions about PFA, or how you can help, you can contact Monica at  We encourage you to participate.  Working together makes such a difference!

    I'm a working parent. How can I participate in PFA?

  • Attendance at meetings that are held in the evening
  • Serve on committees that don’t require volunteering during the school day (Family Fun Nights, Boxtops, etc.)

How do I join? Just come to a meeting or send your donation in with your student.

What do PFA dues pay for?  All fundraising donations, including dues for PFA, help to pay for assemblies, Accelerated Reader, technology, art, and a multitude of other educational programs at Condit that has a direct impact on your student(s). 

Do I have to become a member to attend the monthly PFA meetings?  Absolutely not!  Please come and join us.  We would love to have your input.

What is accomplished at PFA meetings? Each meeting begins with introductions, and we would always love to see some new faces.  Minutes from previous meetings are read and approved.  The principal shares updates on the school budget, discusses current events and shares school needs.  The PFA budget is reviewed and approved.  There are typically discussions about how to fundraise and what that money should be spent on. 

Glossary of Condit Terms:

Healthy Living Week - is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.  At Condit, we promote “healthy living" during the week of October 25- 29.  Student Council advertises themed days for students to be able to show their commitment to healthy living.

AR - The Accelerated Reader program is a computerized program that tests reading comprehension. Students select books on their reading level, read independently, and take an independent comprehension test on the computer. Each book is worth a certain number of points based on its length and reading level.

CEF - The Claremont Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 to promote quality public education in the Claremont Unified School District. Through a variety of fundraising efforts and relationships in the community, CEF has been able to help provide art and music instruction in the elementary schools and fund technology in the middle and high schools.  It is through the generosity of their donors that CEF is able to maintain the educational experience we have come to expect in Claremont.  CEF’s Board of Directors is composed of business and community leaders, parents and district staff who together carry out our mission “To protect and enrich quality public education in Claremont.”  CEF is a member of the California Consortium of Education Foundations.

6th grade camp – This year our 6th graders are traveling to the Pali Institute in the San Bernardino Mountains.  They will participate in Science/Leadership curriculum activities.

Room Parent Coordinator – Communicates general school information to room parents.

Family Fun Nights – held almost every month at local businesses that give $ back to Condit (Bert & Rocky’s, McTeacher Night, Chipotle & Pizza and Such)

Friday Treats – are most Fridays.  Students have the opportunity to buy a treat that helps to support the 6th grade camp.

Vista Track Meet - The Vista del Valle Track Meet is a Claremont tradition that dates back 40+ years.  Vista welcomes all the Claremont schools to our campus for a day of fun and good spirited competition where lessons on perseverance, trying your best and sportsmanship are practiced.  The day culminates with an all-competitor picnic in front of the Vista stage followed by an awards ceremony where first, second and third place students from each event are presented with ribbons.  There is a sense of community and togetherness the day of the track meet.  Relationships are built between schools and diversity is celebrated.

Art by Donfrio - Donfrio Art offers a sequential study in visual arts. It is designed to compliment history, social studies, and language arts frameworks. Mrs. Donfrio developed her program by using storytelling and humor to engage the children's curiosity for art. Powerpoint programs allow each grade level to see the art she lectures about. Teaching in each classroom allows her to work with all grade levels producing a project specific to that artist.  Here goal is to give the students the confidence to be proud of their individual art skills and give each child the freedom to experiment and grow in their art knowledge.

SLICE – SLICE is a summer program facilitated by the Claremont Educational; Foundation (CEF).  SLICE continues to grow in the number, variety of classes offered and students enrolled.  Their summer program typically has more than 1,000 students participating in over 100 classes.

The SLICE of Summer program continues to address a need in Claremont by providing courses specifically designed to support enrichment, remediation, and advancement. Each year, SLICE serves the community by offering scholarships valued at over $50,000—no one is turned away from taking a class with SLICE. Scholarships are made possible, in part, by generous donations from individual donors and business partners.

School Site Council - The School Site Council is an important school organization comprised of Condit staff and parents to help set the direction of the school program. They meet to discuss and evaluate the curriculum and the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).   Members are elected for two-year terms of office.  Elections take place each March/April.  All Condit parents are welcome to attend the meetings.

CPFA – The Central Council Parent Faculty Association that convenes regularly to discuss PFA information across the District.

Wish Lists – Wish lists are a way for parents and friends of Condit School to make tax-deductible donations which further enrich our instructional program for the current school year. Wish Lists of items teachers and support staff would like to have for their classrooms are shared at Back-to- School-Night, and listed on our PFA Webstore for donation opportunities.  Wish List items are items that teachers are not typically able to get from the school supply closet and/or are unique to the instruction in the classroom.  Any donation towards items on the lists is greatly appreciated. Donations are considered anonymous in the sense that teachers are not told which families contributed and which did not. If a student or parent chooses not to contribute, there is no penalty nor will it affect the student’s ability to participate in any planned activities.

Trimester awards - Condit Elementary School holds three trimester awards assemblies throughout the school year.  All students have the opportunity to earn at least one of the following awards:

Academic Excellence Award - Students demonstrating academic success determined by the classroom teacher

ROCKStar Award - Students consistently demonstrating (R)espect, (O)wnership, (C)ooperation, (K)indness, and (S)afety 

Soaring Condor Award - Students demonstrating improvement, consistency, or going above and beyond

Even though students may consistently demonstrate an area of success (Academic, ROCKS, or Soaring), they may not receive the same award trimester after trimester.  We do not have the capacity to recognize the same students trimester after trimester.


Library awards – Welcome to the library at Condit School.  The library is extremely well supported by our PFA with both volunteers and fund raising. 

 For the Fall trimester first graders will read books and turn in book forms for prizes.  As the become ready, during the Winter and Spring trimesters, our first grade friends will practice and learn to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on their own!  Our 2nd through 6th graders are encouraged to be a weekly member of the 90% CLUB by passing an Accelerated Reader quiz in your reading level each and every week with an average of 90% or better on the quizzes taken that week.  At the end of the year we host a Readers are Leaders lunch in the library for students with 30 weeks or more in the 90% CLUB as well as a Reading Awards assembly to recognize our many successful readers with certificates and trophies.  To earn a trophy either be a member of the 90%CLUB every week for 35 weeks, OR, be the student with the most words read in your grade.  Either way, reading is the key and with lots of practice we hope to develop a love of reading in each student!

The library is a dynamic part of each student’s learning experience, and we have a lot going on here, but don’t worry- the teachers and the librarian will review and support our reading programs when school begins.

Big/Little Buddy program – Teachers from varying grade levels partner up with each other and plan activities throughout the school year. 

How is art and music integrated in to the curriculum?  The classroom teachers collaborate with the art and music teachers to plan activities that align to the grade level/classroom curriculum. 


Who are the music and art teachers? We are currently without a music teachers in grades 1 – 6.  Mrs. Donfrio teaches art to grades 1 – 6.


Afterschool enrichment – The afterschool activities typically take place after school on Wednesday.  The amount of each activity varies.  This year’s activities include: Chess, Flag Football, Self-defense, Creator’s Touch (Art), Soccer, Basketball, Comic Book Creators, Active Kids (Relays), Spotlight on Kids (Acting), & Track.